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Container Spirea vs Bare Root Spirea


50% off over 140 varieties of select Trees, Shrubs, Vine & Perennials!

Great selection available in 3 gal to 10 gallon sizes.  Sale prices range from $6. to $108.50 (regular $12. to $217.)  On sale now until August 16th.  Too many varieties to list.  Stop in and check out the selection!   Only while supplies last.  See store store for warranty details.


Please to refer to your receipt for warranty information.  Most, not all, plants have an October 1st warranty. We will not warranty plants labeled “No Warranty” or plants sold on sale for more than a 20% discount.  If you are having a problem with the plant, please call and we can offer suggestions to aid in the plants health.  If the plant is covered under a warranty, you must notify us or return the dead plant before October 1st of the year purchased for the warranty to be honored.  Thank you!