Turnbull Nursery Garden Center starts off the Western New York spring selling season early by offering bare root nursery stock that can be planted as soon as the frost leaves the ground.

Bare root nursery stock is quality trees, shrubs, small fruits, fruit trees and ornamental vines that are in a dormant stage, have no soil around the roots and are not potted or balled and burlaped. They are removed from the ground in the fall and spring when dormant, stored in climate controlled coolers and with minimal care when planted, bloom into beautiful plants. Bareroot stock is usually sold during a four to six week period in the spring before warm weather arrives. Turnbull's Bareroot Barn is open mid-March to May 1st.

Traditionally, plants have been sold bare root with many advantages to consumers. The most important consumer benefit is increased cost savings over potted plants. The same plant in bare root can be half the price of that is a pot. Lighter weight bare root plants require less freight and shipping expense - the savings are passed on to consumers in the form of lower prices. Buying bareroot helps the environment with no plastic pots and less pollution and fuel consumption in shipping. Also, consumers can make their early spring purchases in larger quantities with space-saving bareroot plants.

During the Month of March & April, customers can come in and purchase are root plants. If the weather is not conducive for planting, we will hold your plants in our underground storage. As soon as your ground is ready for planting, pick up your plants and get them plants in the ground immediately. All bare root plants must be planted no later than May 1st. Get them in the ground as soon as possible, don't wait until May 1st if you don't have to!

Turnbull's trained and knowledgeable staff can assist customers with the selection of their bare root plants that best fit their needs. Verbal and written handling and planting instructions will be given to make this process easy.
Witch Hazel - Bare Root vs Container
From Bare Root....
to Beautiful Burning Bush!

is closed for the 2019.

It will re-open in

March 2020.

The 2019 price list below is for reference only as the
Bare Root Barn is closed for 2019. This shows you an example
of the plants that we generally carry in bare root.
The price list for the 2020 season will not be posted
until the second week of March 2020.


Click on link above to download the list. This is a list of what we started with. Inventory changes daily, so please call for availability. Prices, sizes and varieties subject to change without notice.
Please call (716) 337-2248 for more information.

Please remember that most, not all, Bare Root Plants have an October 1st warranty.
If you are having a problem with the plant, you must notify us by October 1st
of the year purchased for the warranty to be honored.